brain tumor 脳腫瘍について説明しています


良性から悪性のものまで様々な種類があり、予後も異なります。 様々な診療科の協力が集学的治療が必要と場合が多くあります。 神経膠腫の中でも発生頻度が高いのは膠芽腫(glioblastoma),星細胞腫(astrocytoma),髄芽腫(medulloblastoma),乏突起膠腫(oligodendoroglioma)上衣腫(ependymoma)の順。また、混合神経膠腫(Mixed glioma)などもあります。 *腫瘍倍加時間(doubling time)とは:腫瘍が2倍になるまので時間

・患者と読む、患者と話す脳腫瘍Q&A135 著者:藤巻高光~ 売れ筋1位!!! ・脳神経外科バイブルW 脳腫瘍を究める ・脳神経外科 専門家にきく最新の臨床 ・がん化学療法と患者ケア などなどあります。 治療にあたっては、患者や家族らの知識のボトムアップも必要となります。 (quoted by JBTA)

Brain Tumor

The case to cause the cerebral edema is most because the tumor has already grown up to some size when some symptoms usually appeared in the tumor of the brain, and pressure [**] Susumu symptom in brainpan, that is, headache, evil intention, and vomiting, etc. are caused, and the visual field defect, hard hearing, the motor paralysis, and speech disorder, etc. might be accompanied as a local manifestation according to the generation part. Moreover, the case to cause the fit that doesn't put the brush when there is a focus in the cortical layer is not a little. Headache occurs in the morning, and [suguga] is the strongest the pain, and called morning headache. There is something that mother's milk is served (lactic leakage) for the woman (The man also : at times) though it is not pregnant as the early warning sign. This is assumed the one by the functional lesion of a hypothalamus and the pituitary body by the one by excessive [san;u] of the prolactin hormone (prolactin), and seen in the feature by the tumor of the sella turcica neighborhood. (quoted by wikipedia)