What is BRAIN TUMOR ?(脳腫瘍とは?)

brain tumor 脳腫瘍について説明しています

Brain tumors are currently the leading cause of death among children with cancer. Only 60% of these children will survive into adulthood. That is not an acceptable statistic.


現在、脳腫瘍は癌の子供の主な死亡原因です。 これらの子供の60%だけが成人期まで生き残るでしょう。 それは許容できる統計値ではありません。

Brain Tumor

The tumor of the brain is a generic name of all neoplasms (one it is possible to do) generated in the brainpan (inside of the skull). That is, all tumors that occur in various parts like the nerve etc. that go in and out to the film (meningeal 〈The pistil is rolled 〉) that is not only substance of the brain but also wraps the brain and the brain are included and it is called the tumor of the brain.